Hi. My name is Archana.

By day, I'm a content marketer and editor. By night (and other unspecified hours), I'm an aspiring fiction writer and linguaphile. There's nothing I love more than an elegantly written sentence. And my bunny Reggie.


Content strategy in Silicon Valley combines two of my favorite things: learning cool stuff and helping others understand them. Most recently, I was the Director of Content at Interana, a behavioral analytics software company HQ'd in Redwood City, CA, where I helped develop the company's initial content strategy as well as its tone & voice.

Before that, I was a content strategist at Amplitude where I wrote about how businesses like Microsoft, Square, and Intuit use analytics to make data-informed product decisions. I know a thing or two about growth and product. I even helped write a book about mastering user retention.

Before that, I spent a year as a grant writer at Stanford Medical School, helped found a podcast, and tried co-founding a company.

I care deeply about diversity in tech, feminism, and mental health advocacy. I write about these topics too. Check out my portfolio for more info. 

For fun, I study Japanese and Korean and have a side interest in linguistics. I have self-studied Korean for 7 years and have maintained a blog for almost as long.

I'm a nice person. You should talk to me.